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What is Theraplay.tv?

Theraplay.tv is a streaming service that supports children & young people of all abilities to independently engage and work towards a wide range of exercise, executive functioning, and self-regulation goals. Developed by an Australian multi-disciplinary therapy team, Theraplay.tv has been thoughtfully designed and curated to remove barriers to participation faced by those with autism, physical & neurological conditions & developmental delays.

How do I sign up / join Theraplay.tv?

Simply visit https://theraplay.tv/join and choose your subscription :)

How much does Theraplay.tv cost?

There are two types of subscriptions on offer including a month-to-month and annual subscription plan. Currently, our monthly subscription is AUD$58.14/month and our annual plan is AUD$599 (representing 15% off the month-to-month plan).

How do I purchase a subscription if I am Plan Managed or on behalf of someone I Plan Manage or provide Support Coordination to?

If you are Plan Managed, you may elect to purchase the subscription yourself and forward the receipt of payment to your plan manager for reimbursement. 

Alternatively, if you are plan manager or support coordinator signing up on behalf of a client, we recommend purchasing a Gift Card for the subscription amount and providing the redemption code to the member/family to enter when they complete the above sign up form. Gift cards can be purchased here https://theraplay.tv/gift_cards/new. The payment information for Gift Cards is not saved or made available to the member for further purchases or subscription renewals.

TheraPlayTV & NDIS

The NDIS will fund the costs of apps and programs that relate directly to the goals and support needs of the individual and that are beneficial to helping them reach their goals. We believe Theraplay.tv represents fantastic value for money in assisting children and young people to independently engage in recreation and therapy programs. Our research (supported by the NDIS baseline outcomes quarterly report) found that children and young people with disabilities face significant face barriers to accessing and participating in mainstream exercise, dance, yoga and play programs due to the fast-paced instructions, performance & grade orientated design, and exclusive nature (coaches and teachers who aren't directed or supported by therapists). Theraplay.tv is also available in regional and remote areas where service availability is scarce and accessing programs is not logistically possible.

The NDIS line items most commonly used for reimbursing the purchase of Theraplay.tv subscriptions are (please note other line items may also be considered depending on your individual package):

Core budget:

  • 03_710400001_0103_1_1 (when claiming as a consumable);
  • 04_115_0125_6_1 (when claiming as participating in a community activity on an annual subscription basis);
  • 04_104_0125_6_1 (when claiming as participating in a community activity on a monthly subscription basis)

Increased social & community participation:

  • 09_008_0116_6_3 (when claiming as developing skills for community, social and recreational participation on an annual subscription basis)

Improved Daily Living:

  • 15_222400911_0124_1_3 (when claiming as a temporary item to support the increased need for web or application-based approaches given the suspension of face to face services due to the social distancing regulations)

Please be aware that in our experience information provided from NDIS and LAC representatives that is of a general nature can sometimes differ from person to person so it's best to get any advice you receive in writing. Using precedent and our experience, Theraplay.tv may be able to assist in instances where a LAC may ask to communicate with the provider. We invite LAC or NDIS representatives to contact us in writing only via letsplay@theraplay.tv.

How do I stream & watch Theraplay.tv?

Currently, Theraplay.tv is able to be accessed on any browser-supported device (i.e. Google Chrome, Safari, etc.) or devices that have casting or screen sharing capabilities (i.e. cast the internet tab on your laptop, tablet or mobile device to your TV).

Is there a Theraplay.tv app?

From July 2020, Theraplay.tv will be available for download from the App Store (for Apple users) or Play Store (or Android users) at no extra cost to those who have signed up to a monthly or annual subscription.

Will NDIS fund the purchase of an iPad or tablet to watch Theraplay.tv on?

The following is taken from the NDIS website:

Participants are able to spend up to $1500 on low cost AT items from their existing budgets. Participants should not spend more than $750 on electronic devices needed to maintain existing services.

In the case of computer tablets or iPads for telehealth and care or participating in online video classes, advice from AT specialists is that most NDIS participants will not need more than a standard tablet, which costs no more than $600.

Participants can use their funding flexibly to purchase low cost AT using funding in their core - consumables budget. Plan managed or self-managed participants can purchase these items from any provider, and Agency managed participants can purchase these from any registered NDIS provider.

As Theraplay.tv is a new to market service, participants will need to ensure that implementing Theraplay.tv relates to their individual goals and disability.    

How do I cancel Theraplay.tv?

You can cancel your Theraplay.tv subscription at any time and you will have access to all Theraplay.tv content until the end of your subscription period. Cancellations can be made via the billing section on your dashboard once you have signed in. Cancellations made in writing or via email are not monitored or accepted.

What is Theraplay.tv's refund policy?

As Theraplay.tv is a digitally consumed product, we retain the right to decline requests for refunds or part-refunds for the annual or monthly plan after you have issued your cancellation request.

How do I contact Theraplay.tv?

In order to keep subscription costs down, Theraplay.tv does not employ any full-time or part-time staff or provide over the phone support. Please email letsplay@theraplay.tv with any questions, kudos or complaints and we will endeavour to respond within 5 business days.